Our aims and structure

Tournée is a national society of around 40 members who portray the period from approximately 1300 to 1350, and in particular the reign of Edward II from 1307 to 1327 when England was staggering from one crisis to another under a king who is widely regarded as weak and easily led by influential favourites.  We present displays across the UK, from small community events up to large historical festivals, and for a diverse group of clients including heritage organisations, local government, and specialist event management companies.

With a mix of experienced re-enactors and those new to our hobby, we have a wide range of skills and a solid base of knowledge both academic and practical to ensure that our displays remain highly entertaining while presenting an accurate and realistic view of the early C14th tournament.

Tournée has no board of directors - we have three officers who are elected annually to manage our finances, events and communications, but as a society of friends we operate as a collective where each member is equal.  As a hobby, our events are run primarily to educate the public in the fascinating history of this period, and each member contributes in whatever way and to whatever extent they can to achieve this goal.  Our own enjoyment comes a very close second - this is not a job, to be endured in return for payment, but a labour of love in which we give our efforts because we enjoy doing so.  From the physical challenge and adrenalin of close combat with steel weapons, to the warm glow of seeing visitors' growing interest as we explain how life was lived in the 1300s, we all participate for our own reasons, and we all gain satisfaction from the events we provide.

Our history

Tournée was founded in 1999 by a small band of experienced re-enactors who felt that their enthusiasm and skills needed an additional outlet - one with less bureaucracy, where everyone was equally valued and contributed as much as they could to making the events as good as possible.  From this small beginning, a run of events was quickly secured with English Heritage in 2000 where the experience, knowledge and work ethic of the founders was already known and appreciated, and this gave us both the impetus to get the society established quickly, and the financial resources to invest in our future.

Tournée has since participated in a large number of events, including re-enactments of the battles of Bannockburn and Evesham, and played a significant role in Scotland's Festival of History from its beginnings in 2005 until 2012.  We have visited castles, stately homes, country parks, and a multitude of fields and public spaces across the UK.


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