Sir Piers de MaulayName:
Sir Piers De Mauley

Armorial Bearing:
Or a Bend Sable

Born 22nd July 1249, he continued his grandfather’s line in castle Mulgrave just outside of Lythe, near the coast north of Whitby. He married Nicole de Gaunt in 1273 and their son Piers was born in 1283. 

De Mauley was summoned to parliament in 1295 to assist in the wars of Edward I, campaigning in Wales, Scotland and Gascony. His support for Edward earns him the title of the First Baron Mulgrave. His family fortunes allow him to modernise Castle Mulgrave in 1300.

As Lord Kings Justice for the lands north of the Trent, Piers with other knights, sits in judgement in a wide range of disputes. The abbot and convent of Whitby petitioned for a judgement concerning the taking of trees, wool and livestock without payment by the men of the Percy household.

His son marries Eleanor De Furnival in 1302 and is knighted with the future Edward II at Westminster in 1306 with 276 other squires. Piers has advanced his family through been loyal to the monarch but with the coronation of Edward II, the future looks a uncertain. The new King does not have the strength his predecessor had and being close to Scotland may not be able to protect Mauleys Lands.

Piers De Mauley is played by Paddy Hinton, originally from Hampshire but now settled in North Yorkshire. “I have twenty years re-enactment experience, De Mauley was a nice local knight with no complicated sewing for his costume. More time to hit people!”

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